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“Thank you, Spiritual Directors, for guiding us through this retreat.  You all did an amazing job and I so appreciate the compassion given to those who shared their grief... to all of us.  I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with so many beautiful souls this weekend.  I have the feeling that everyone who attended feels as blessed by their experience as I do.  Our activities and times of fellowship were wonderful.  The time given for quiet and being enveloped in God's love was an amazing gift.  Much of my experience of this past weekend I am not able to express with words.”  Trina Dunbar, participant of the Women’s Rest and Renewal Retreat 

On April 28, 2018 fifteen women arrived at Cathedral Ridge for the first Women’s Rest and Renewal Retreat sponsored by Spiritual Direction Colorado.  The women gathered were from Longmont to Canon City and included women from different Christian traditions other than Episcopalian.  The journey for most of the women began on the van ride.  By the time they had reached Cathedral Ridge a strong connection had begun to form.  The women came with open hearts and minds, prepared to be refreshed, and renewed by this new experience for them.

The women spent the weekend connecting with themselves, each other, nature, and God.  They learned the origin of each of their first names, they learned about the bent over woman from scripture, they shared their stories, experienced a healing service, and sang together.  Contemplative prayer stations were set up in several different locations throughout the lodge for the women to spend time in quiet solitude.  During the afternoon time was also set-aside for the women to speak privately with one of the spiritual directors available. 

Maria Rosa Galter from Walk2Connect ( led the group on two walks.  The first led us along a trail learning about trees and how they communicate, the second walk led us not only along the roads at Cathedral Ridge but also within ourselves connecting us more deeply to God and ourselves.  Throughout the weekend the staff at Cathedral Ridge pampered all of us with their extraordinary care. 

 “We envision a Colorado where spiritual guidance permeates people’s lives, faith communities, and human organizations, transforming life for all, especially for the most vulnerable,” is the vision statement of Spiritual Direction Colorado which led to the concept of a retreat for women who have faced their own significant challenging life circumstances. 

 As members of Spiritual Direction Colorado began to plan this event we knew that we could not fund this nor did we have the skills for the planning ourselves.  

Many thanks goes to The Colorado Episcopal Foundation, churches and clergy within the Diocese, individuals (from several denominations) and members of Spiritual Direction Colorado who gave generously.  The committee could not have made all of our plans without the support of the Bishop’s office who offered us the detailed and exacting communication skills of Tracy Methe, Coordinator for Diocesan Events and Digital Communications.  Thank you to Rev. Terry McGugan at Christ Episcopal Church, Denver and Rev. Tony Hill of St. Luke CME for allowing their church parking lots to be pick up spots for our shuttle.  Maria Rosa Galter through Walk2Connect did an amazing job teaching us about nature and helping us to feel closer to God.  Thanks also to the hard work of Laurie Cassidy, Ph.D., Rev. Mickey Cox, Rev. Tony Hill, and Connie Shelley as the planning committee for Spiritual Direction Colorado. 

Spiritual Direction Colorado is a committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado created twenty years ago to support spiritual directors and spiritual growth within the state of Colorado.  Spiritual Direction Colorado hosts an annual conference along with workshops and retreats throughout the year.  To learn more about Spiritual Direction Colorado please visit our website at 

Spiritual Direction Colorado's Mission Statement:
We envision a Colorado where spiritual guidance permeates peoples’ lives, faith communities and human organizations, transforming life for all, especially the most vulnerable.

Spiritual Direction Colorado

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