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We envision a Colorado where spiritual guidance permeates peoples’ lives, faith communities and human organizations, transforming life for all, especially the most vulnerable. 

2019 Conference Vendors

 Anoint LLC   Rev. Nancy Niero
 Art of the Ordinary Janet Strickland 
 Benet Hill Monastery Sister Mary Colleen Schwarz
 Catspaw Cushions Lis Griffin
 Center for Spirituality at Work  Vie Thorgren
 Creative Life Center Marcia Chadly
 Creator Mundi, Inc  Hildegard Ledbetter
 Eagle’s Wings Publications  Juliana Peter
 Heartlines Liena Apsukrapsa
  Illuminated Journeys Rita and Brad Burgland
  iZoar Janice Earhart
 Spirit Songs Fr. Michael Nicosia
Suzanne Frazier, Contp.Artist  Suzanne Frasier
 Walk2Connect Maria Rosa Galter
 22 Delights Jan Haas

Spiritual Direction Colorado

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