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    • August 08, 2015
    • 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Creative Life Center at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, 7520 South Boulder Road, Boulder, CO


    Curious about what your unique inner landscape looks like?  Interested in looking at your inner self with a non-verbal approach?  Learn more about who you are using contemplative exploration through color and shape.  You will quickly discover you can trust your inner intuitive process to create an oil pastel drawing you had no idea you could complete when you began.  There is a great deal of freedom and joy in creating a non-verbal expression.  You naturally knew how to color when you were a child.  That wisdom, curiosity and openness are all you need to enjoy this experience! 


    Suzanne Frazier is a working artist with a studio in Prospect New Town. She combines a BFA degree in Studio Arts from the University of Colorado with a BA degree in Philosophy from Lake Erie College to create a new approach to art making.


    Come enjoy contemplative, creative play and self-discovery! Reserve your spot now!

    Materials Fee: $15 (Payable to presenter at the workshop.)

    Registration: Single - $149  Bring a Friend - $229 

    Click here for details and registration

    Information: or www.CreativeLifeCenter/programs

    • August 15, 2015
    • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Loretto Spirituality Center 4000 S. Wadsworth Blvd. Littleton CO 80123
    On Saturday August 15th, we will welcome artist, iconographer and instructor Anne Emmons to our summer Paths to Prayer series. Anne will share with us reflections on prayer, icons, painting and art--including some time to paint.  More details to follow. Email us to register

    • August 20, 2015
    • 4:00 PM - 6:15 PM
    • St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, 1303 S Bross Ln, Longmont, CO 80501
    Since 2012, the U. S has about 7.5 million more Americans who are no longer active in religion. Dr. Ilia Delio believes that people are leaving faith traditions by the thousands because religion is no longer relevant to our culture. We, as spiritual directors, will be seeing more people who identify as “seekers” or as “spiritual but not religious” and, in fact, we ourselves may be categorized as such­­. It may now be time to begin looking to the things of the 21st century.  We may need to seek the Wisdom that will enable us to read the language of technology and science in order to expand the meaning of the Holy, for them as well as for us. 

    Connie is a member of Sojourn Mennonite ( in Fort Collins, CO.  She received her Spiritual Formation for Spiritual Directors training through the Center for Spirituality at Work ( in 2001 and is currently on the staff for the formation program. She serves as the coordinator for the Spiritual Direction Program at Denver Women’s Prison as an outreach of CFSAW as well as having a private practice for spiritual direction with all seekers in her home.          

    • Cost: $15 to $35, as you are able. Those who can give more support SDCO scholarships.
    • Information: 720-290-4771 or
    • Registration: Please register online and pay using your credit or debit card.
    • August 29, 2015
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Creative Life Center at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, 7520 South Boulder Road, Boulder, CO


    Those journeying in the wisdom-sharing stage of  life and seeking to live life fully and authentically - like you - are invited to define and explore your own unique, sacred pathways forward.  You will use labyrinths to creatively explore the three paths you walk in life: self, relationship, and community.  Contemplative expression and group experiences will enhance your inner journey to access your own wisdom and reclaim your authentic self.  


    Eva Morrell and Marcia Chadly are the founders of the Creative Life Center.  Marcia is a lover of color, creativity, community, and sacred space.  Eva is a Reiki master and is an enthusiast of movement, music, healing, and nature.


    There is no time like the present to bless yourself with reflection time and space.  Set aside the time on your calendar and reserve your place now.

    Registration: Single - $99  Bring a Friend - $149 

    Click here for details and registration

    Information: or www.CreativeLifeCenter/programs

    • September 01, 2015
    • May 31, 2016
    • Center for Contemplative Living

    Contemplative Living Experience

    Beginning in September 2015, Center for Contemplative Living, 3650 Yates St., Denver

    The Contemplative Living Experience program is built on an established practice of Centering Prayer and provides the guidance and formation to move participants from having a contemplative practice to living a contemplative life. Participants meet one weekend a month for nine months (September through May) on a Friday evening and all day Saturday at the Center. Community support and spiritual enrichment help participants integrate into daily life contemplative practices such as Lectio Divina, the Welcoming Prayer, Discernment, Forgiveness, and Contemplative Service. A Centering Prayer practice and a commitment to attend all sessions are the only requirements to participate. Applications are now being accepted for the sessions beginning September.  The application deadline for the 2015-2016 program is July 1. Information: Julie Saad, 303-619-4426.

    More info and website

    • September 18, 2015
    • September 27, 2015
    • Belgium

    • September 21, 2015
    • 2:00 PM
    • September 23, 2015
    • 1:00 PM
    • Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House, 4801 North Highway 67, Sedalia, CO 80135-0185


    Using “inner garden” as a deep metaphor for our souls, we will use this retreat time to explore the ground, particularly our images and experiences of the divine, that hold our soul; the soul plants, especially those deep soul gifts, thriving or perhaps struggling in our soul garden along with whatever weeds that may be interfering with our soul plants.  We will explore those practices that nourish or diminish our souls, and finally look at what it might mean to take the energy and wisdom of our soul work into the world.  This retreat is designed to allow participants to do their own deep soul work with teaching times and group sharing as guides.  

    Margaret F. Arms, MSW, PhD

    Retreat leader

    Dr. Arms is a spiritual director in Colorado who has taught in the Benedictine Spiritual Formation Program, and is a graduate of that program.  She also supervises spiritual directors.  She has led retreats in Colorado, Alaska, and New Mexico.  She holds a joint PhD from the University of Denver and Iliff School of Theology in religious and theological studies.  Prior to spiritual direction, Dr. Arms practiced psychotherapy as a licensed clinical social worker.


    Cost of the retreat is $225. Please register online for the full amount or by submitting a deposit of $125 with a Balance of $100 due by sept, 16. If you do not want to use your credit card online, please register and then mail a check to the registrar: Sandy Grundy, 9345 Carr, St. Westminster, Co. 80021. Please make the check to: Diocese of Colorado. Call Sandy at 303-902-4664, cell, for questions. PLEASE INDICATE if you are asking for a first floor room. 


    This fall retreat has been a tradition for Spiritual Direction Colorado for many years. Spiritual Direction Colorado is a Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado and an ecumenical group of spiritual director’s. Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House has provided a beautiful setting for the three retreat days. Located in Sedalia, Co. it provides easy access from the Denver Metro area, yet in a tranquil and rural setting. Please check the center’s website for photos:


    Cost to register is $225. You are invited to register online by either paying the full amount, or by submitting a deposit of $125.00 with a balance of $100.00 due by Sept. 10. If you do not want to use your credit card online, please register and then send a check to: SDCO Retreat, C/O Evans, 1551 S. Trenton Court, Denver 80231. Please make the check to: Diocese of Colorado.

    SDCO encourages spiritual directors and those involved in ministry to take advantage of this opportunity for rest, and relaxation. Scholarships are available and please contact the registrar.


    Sept. 21: 2pm registration begins, 4:30pm welcome reception, 5:30pm dinner, 7:00pm session.

    Sept. 22: all day retreat and individual quiet time.
    Sept. 23: Retreat closes after lunch at noon.
    Sacred Heart is a quiet facility: with quiet meals and in public places. We will talk in our retreat room.
    For any additional questions, please contact the registrar at 303-902-4664, NOT the retreat center. Scholarships are available

    Each person will have a private room, but bathroom facilities are shared. Three balanced meals are served daily by the kitchen staff and a full salad bar is provided for lunch and dinner. If you have special needs, (need for a first floor room) please let the registrar know.

    Please bring your Bible, journal and dress for changeable weather. Sacred Heart has a small book store on site.

    • January 08, 2016
    • January 10, 2016
    • Arvada Center for the Arts

    Find Your Sanctuary: Create places of Rest, Renewal and Refuge with Terry Hershey 

    Everyone has a sanctuary. If only in our mind. Even if we can’t name it, we know of its power. It is a place where you do not owe anyone and where no one owes you.  We are wired to need grounding and renewal and less hurry.  And yet, we make choices—with our time and with our days—that are detrimental to our emotional and spiritual well-being. In sanctuary, we let thislife in. Every bit. In sanctuary we can be wholehearted; whether grief or gladness or sadness or joy. We make space to see and to be seen. We make space to welcome, to offer comfort and hope.

    Terry Hershey is an author, humorist, inspirational speaker, dad, ordained minister, golf addict, and smitten by French wine. He divides his time between designing sanctuary gardens and sharing his practice of “pausing” and “sanctuary,” to help us do less and live more. Terry’s book, Sanctuary: Creating Places for Grace in Your Life, offers the permission to slow down and to be gentle with ourselves, in a world that demands More-Bigger-Faster. Most days, you can find Terry out in his garden–on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound—because he believes that there is something fundamentally spiritual about dirt under your fingernails.


    Visit for his weekly email newsletter, MP3 downloads, YouTube videos and resources that help us “Do Less and Live More.”

    Stay tuned for more details and registration later in the year. 

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