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Fresh Start: June's New Moon Labyrinth Walk

  • June 04, 2016
  • 10:30 AM
  • Outdoor Chartes labyrinth at Boulder Foothills Community Hospital, 4747 Arapahoe Avenue – Boulder, CO 80303


Open your heart to fresh beginnings in our free community labyrinth walk the morning of each new moon.  Be grounded in the experience of the natural cycle of beginning, coming to fullness, and then ending to begin again.   All ages are invited!  You will receive a free finger labyrinth and suggestions for welcoming the new moon as it rises in the evening.

A labyrinth has a single path.  There are no choices to be made, and it is not a race or a test.   You walk in to the center (Releasing), pause in the center for as long as you wish (Receiving), and then walk out along the same path (Returning).  Each walking experience is unique and sacred.

Your new moon walk offers time for you to:
  • Connect to nature’s cycles and rhythms
  • Set intentions
  • Focus on dreams and desires
  • Make a fresh start
  • Rededicate yourself to a task or goal
A short pre-walk gathering provides centering inspiration for your walk.  Walk the labyrinth at your own pace, supported by the energy of the group.  (Provided finger labyrinths can be used instead of walking the labyrinth.)   You are invited to stay and join in conversation after your walk.

Starting the day with the combination of labyrinth, new moon, and community creates a sensory rich, spiritual experience to ground your upcoming month.  You will leave with suggestions to extend your experience by welcoming the new moon as it rises in the evening.

As with all CLC programs, you will enjoy benefits to:

Self – Ground and align yourself with the moon’s cycle as as you move into the possibilities of your month.

Relationship – Bring a friend with you to share in this time of becoming clear on desires and dreams.

Community – Be part of the synergy and connection of the group, holding space for each other’s walk.


Eva Morrell and Marcia Chadly are the founders of the Creative Life Center.  Marcia is a SoulCollage® facilitator and a lover of color, creativity, community, labyrinths, and sacred space.  Eva is a Reiki master and is an enthusiast of movement, music, healing, and nature.


These community walks are free. Register to receive email reminders and locations for the upcoming monthly walks.

Registration: Free

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Information: or www.CreativeLifeCenter/programs

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