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Spiraling In: Your Sacred Path

  • September 17, 2016
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Creative Life Center at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church


Knowing change is part of your life is one thing; picking up the pieces and feeling normal again is something else!

Have you noticed that changes in your life have left you wading through emotions like frustration, worry, loneliness, anger, or sadness?  Are you trying to shift to a better place and not finding anything that sticks?  
Can you imagine what it would feel like to have insight and direction so that you aren't struggling so much?  Join us!  We've created this program for women like you who are dealing with normal life changes and situations that have thrown you for a loop.

Instead of going around in circles and not getting anywhere, imagine spiraling in to your wisdom in the center. 

During this half day program you will explore these questions:
  • What's next?
  • Where do I go from here?
  • How can I get there?
Experience the magical power of being in a group of women who combine the "I can do anything" attitude of their youth with their current wisdom of experience, self knowledge, and ability to make things happen.  WOWZA!

Feel understood, appreciated, and valued:
  • Watch heads nod in recognition while you share your challenges and dreams
  • Be supported and encouraged to be YOU

I felt hopeful seeing other women both struggling with, and finding solutions for, life's challenges.  I'm not alone in feeling the bumps.  If others can find a path toward peace and happiness, so can I.  ~V, Denver, CO

You will be empowered to handle the changes and situations that you are facing and leave energized and excited about your next steps!

Leave the program with:
  • Insight on paths through your challenges
  • Clear steps forward in your current situation
  • Continued support to integrate your experience after the program is over
Spiral in to connection with your inner wisdom to explore the three paths you walk in life (self, relationship, and community) using the labyrinth, a tool that has been valued for centuries for the rich personal revelations it provides.  After creating your own unique spiral finger labyrinths, you will deepen your experience by walking a floor labyrinth.
As with all CLC programs, you will enjoy benefits to:

Self –  Feel happy with steps forward to shift your current situation in a way that fits you.
Relationship –  Feel good about your unique path to improve relationships and be yourself with others.
Community – Feel inspired to share more of who you are in your communities.


 Eva Morrell and Marcia Chadly, the dynamic duo behind the Creative Life Center are deeply committed to providing rich experiences and support for you and your life challenges!


Spiral in to your own abilities and wisdom and let them guide you through your life situations.

The work I did during the workshop contributed to my decision to take a solo trip (which I had never done before) to the California coast for much needed rest and solitude.  ~Toni S., Denver, CO 

Do you have a friend dealing with a life change?  Come together to support each other and save $50!

Registration: You: $99   You and a Friend: $74 each

Click here for details and registration

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