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Rhythm of the Heart: An International Women's Day Celebration

  • March 11, 2017
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Creative Life Center at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, 7520 South Boulder Road, Boulder, CO

Being bold for change together!

We are linking arms around the world and standing on the shoulders of women who have gone before us.  Hearts beating in supportive rhythm.

Do you hear a call to action?   Your call is as unique as you are.   It may be about a personal shift, a change to a relationship, an action in community, or a combination of these.

The feeling of being called to action isn't new.  Our grandmothers and their grandmothers and grandmothers before that felt it.  Their strength resonates through time to support you.  They share their wisdom through your inner knowing. 

The Center’s Fourth Annual Celebration of International Women’s Day calls on universal wisdom using the Grandmother Council, a sacred Native American medicine wheel ceremony for women.

Finding my connection with the Grandmother's Council has given me so much inspiration and direction in my life's journey.  So much gratitude for the facilitator and the Grandmother's.  ~J., Loveland CO

You will step out of ordinary time as you journey with the beat of the drum.  This inner journey connects you with ancient rhythms of the Grandmothers that you carry inside you as soul memory.  In the realms of your imagination and inner landscape you will ask your own personal questions to one of these eight wisdom-sharing energies.
  • Grandmother Star Nation - The most ancient wisdom, The Giveaway, Knowledge
  • Grandmother Priestess - Ceremony, Ritual
  • Grandmother Sun - Enlightenment, Inspiration
  • Grandmother Midwife - Birthing, Bringing in the new
  • Grandmother Moon - Mysteries, The ebb and flow, Rhythms
  • Grandmother Shaman - Shape shifting, Psychic journey, Moving between worlds
  • Grandmother Earth - The physical, The body
  • Grandmother Death - Change, Transformation

International Women’s Day is a global celebration recognizing the positive benefits to the world from the alchemy of both genders in equal connection and community.   The 2017 theme #BeBoldForChange is a reminder that there is still much work to be done!  

The celebration concludes with time for food, drink, and laughter.

Move out into your world feeling 

  • Supported
  • Strong
  • Bold
As with all CLC programs, you will enjoy benefits to:

Self – Explore your personal call to action.

Relationship – Connect with and be inspired by other local women.

Community – Stand together with other women to #BeBoldForChange.

Eva Morrell and Marcia Chadly, the founders of the Creative Life Center, are deeply committed to providing rich experiences and support for you and your life challenges!

Grandmother Council Ceremony Leader:

Sylvia Eichmann is a visual artist and SoulCollage® facilitator, and has been working with the Grandmother Council since 2015. She has dedicated herself to traveling with the Grandmothers this year and sharing their love and wisdom with women throughout western USA and Europe.


Be part of this International Women's Day Celebration to stand on the shoulders of the women before you who worked for change in the past and link arms with women around the world who are working for change now!

Save by registering online.

Online registration: $19    

Entry fee at the door: $30

Click here for details and registration

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