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Action and Contemplation with Fr. Richard Rohr

  • April 24, 2009
  • April 25, 2009
  • St. Andrew UMC, Highlands Ranch and Montview Blvd. Presb. Church, Denver, CO


with Fr. Richard Rohr, OSM

April 24 & 25

presented by St. Andrew UMC, Highlands Ranch, CO and Montview Blvd. Presbyterian Church, Denver, CO

Fri. Evening, April 24th, 7-9pm, followed by Q& A and book signing

Action and Contemplation:

These are the two classic polarities that must be balanced in the tradition of Christian spirituality , yet we are seldom given practical teaching on how to actually do this. Part of the problem is the loss of the authentic contemplative mind that was taught systematically in the first 1300 years of Christianity, How can we recover it? Richard will give some practices and guidance for this great balancing act of all spirituality, Christian, and beyond. Location: St. Andrew UMC. 3350 White Bay Drive, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

Sat. Morning April 25th at 10am- 12pm, followed by Q&A and book signing

The Path of Descent

It took many diffeent forms like exodus, exile, the journeys of Job and Jeremiah, the persecuted and crucified Jesus, and the self emptying of the Trinity itself; but the path DOWN has always been the path UP in the Biblical Tradition. Western civilization however, is a culture of ascent, progress, "answers", and attainment, which has consistently put us on a collision course with the Gospel and the spiritual journey in all it's Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and Evangelical forms. Location: Montview Blvd. Presbyterian Church, 1980 Dahlia St. Denver, CO 80220

Sat. Afternoon, April 25th at MBPC 1:30-3:30pm

The Path of Descent Workshop

Exploring and Sharing our Understanding of this "theme of themes" of the Bible- Presented by the Center for Spiritual Life at Montview

Fr. R ichard willl present an overview of this "Theme of themes" in how we lost it and denied it and how it is now being offered us as a gift, opportunity, and probably a necessity. This workshop will build on the contemplative teaching from the night before, but will not depend on it. Other practices will be offered and taught during the workshop, so that this is not just a day of theory. Location: Montview Blvd. Presbyterian Church.

·  Tickets (general seating)

·  $25 for both lectures OR

·  $15 for any one lecture

·  $15 for the workshop

·  $10 for abox lunch for Sat.

·  Students are free (with ID) and scholarships are available- limted availability)

·  Information: 303-355-2095, ext 125 


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