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CrossRoads in the Wilderness:Reconnecting Men, God, and Earth

  • August 07, 2009
  • August 09, 2009
  • James Park near Ward, CO

Led by Rev. Tod Smiedendorf and Staff

There is something essential about going to wilder places.  Jesus knew that and went to a wilder place to meet his inner challenges and to prepare himself for the coming challenge and adventure of his life, a ministry of courage, compassion, and service.

Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the

    Matthew 4:1

What is CrossRoads?
It is a weekend retreat for progressive Christian men. 

Experiential: No sermons or classes.  We facilitate group discussion, personal reflections, prayers, and activities.

Communal:  Men join together in a spirit of honesty, acceptance, and genuine support.   Men truly listen to each other and make brotherhood real. Experienced retreat guides provide a strong and supportive atmosphere.

Respectful of Earth:  We see the Sacred in God’s Creation and seek its power and wisdom.  We conduct all our business in a way so as to respect the land and to leave it as we have found it or better.

Open Hearted:  We welcome all types of men and reject rigid notions of what a man must be or do.  We welcome all parts of each man, even the difficult or neglected parts of each man that may have been shamed or discouraged by family or society.

Open Minded: We respect many ways of coming to the Sacred even as we claim ours as the Christ Way.  We utilize ancient ways of praying and engaging the Creator Spirit that all our ancestors used. We are into Christianity Plus: other traditions do not threaten, but enhance our Christ Way.

Faithfully Progressive:  Our work is guided and inspired by Scripture and the Gospel story of forgiveness, healing, liberation, and new life.  We take the Bible seriously, not literally.  We’re not into dogma or doctrine.  We’re into connecting with Spirit.


Service Directed:  We consider all that we do a form of prayer to God and in service to something bigger than ourselves; community, family, society.  We believe each man is called to help create God’s more just, joyful, and sustainable world in their unique way.

Cost: sliding scale $275-$450

Scholarships available

$50 discount if paid by July 8

For details see Mens Leadership Alliance 

An excellent  10 minute video about the retreatcam be viewed on You Tube- CrosssRoads in the Wilderness- Search for CrossRoads in the Wilderness


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